Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Vudu Shoes

Today I decided to show you an example of something that portuguese companies are really good at, footwear. 
Let me introduce you a brand of shoes that representes the best that is made in Portugal, Vudu Shoes.
This brand brings us a newsworthy concept of footwear with a very fresh, bold, urban and modern style for young adults. All products are made of the finest materials and use the best techniques of dip-dyed and washed, exploring new leather manipulations with sublime finishes, denim contrast, applications, perforations and cutting to achieve an ultimate and top quality result. Every single pair of shoes is unique.
Now take a look at some proposals of Vudu Shoes. Enjoy it.

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MICKEY - Trainers - blue
Trainers - grey
ADOLPH - Lace-up Shoes - black
JORDY - Lace-up Shoes - black
Vudu - JACKO - Sneaker High - High-top Trainers - brown
JAY - Lace-up Shoes - brown
Brogues - black
KINGSTON - Boots - black
JAKES - Lace-up Shoes - black
RALPH - Boots - green


STEVE - Trainers - blue
SOPHIA - High-top Trainers - pink
MARSHAL - Ankle Boots - grey
STAR NEW H - Boots - blue

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