Monday, March 19, 2012

Store Window Display 2012

Because I believe that a good window display it's one of the best ways to advertise a product I bring you a great example.
Sometimes the window display can be so powerful and embracing that a brand almost can "forget" other types of advertising, but about that we talk another time.
Today I decided to show you a great work of StudioXag, a retail design and prop making studio that creates amasing solutions for windows displays for fashion brands/stores. In fact, StudioXag has done a tribute to legendary shoe designer Christian Louboutin in his 20th anniversary.

The British department store Selfridge is exhibiting at Oxford Street, London megashop, five themed windows dedicates to Louboutin. Each one is filled with 2D graphics of photos. Some hang and spin, attached to differents mechanisms moving at different speeds.
One window pays tribute to the men´s collection, showing strong guys with tattons.

Onother display shows a tribute to women's collection.

As Xavier Sheriff, StudioXag designer, said: "Exploring Symmetry, changing scale, repetion and kaleidoscopic motion, each window focuses on a different form of movement. With specially engineered mechanical elements powering the moving graphics, it also showcases key product detailing"
Just check the video to see how it works:

The windows can be seen until  next April 1st. It's a really great work :)


  1. Observar uma vitrina quando ela é bem conseguida é algo delicioso, perceber os detalhes, as pequenas coisas que fazem a diferença. É olhar espaço cénico onde são tecidos os sonhos. São o instrumento mais poderoso que temos para chegar ao cliente, entristece-me ver o panorama nacional mas enfim é o que é, talvez um dia destes se atrevam a ousar. Obrigada pela partilha. Gostei ;)

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