Thursday, April 26, 2012

Book & Art - Altered Book

Well I've always enjoyed books. I love reading almost any kind of literature but I've never thought we could use books to make a piece of art. 
A friend of mine just told me about a work that he did during his Master. He chose a book and a concept that somehow were related to each other. Using just a knife he cut and folded all the sheets of the book to transform it into a different piece. The result could be very amazing. I'm really tempted to try it. 
Let me show you some examples and I challenge you to try it too.

Artist: Isaac Salazar
Books Transformed Into Art




Artist: Alexander Robinson
Alexander Korzer Robinson’s Book Art

Astounding Book Art by Alexander Korzer

Photos of  Book Art

Alexander Korzer Robinson’s Book Art Pics

Artist: Jennifer Hibbard
 jennifer hibbard : missing the point

Artist: Brian Dettmer

Artist: Rachael Ashe
Altered Book: Living Well, Sip by Sip

Artist: Brian Dettmer

Artist: Georgia Russell

Georgia Russell, Memoire, 2001-02

Artist: Kristina Lahde

Unknown Artist