Sunday, June 12, 2011

Music Meets Fashion

Once in a while fashion and music make contact and by this fusion results an Icon. Only a few artists get this status and it's very hard to keep it for a long time but it's possible. So to be a real mass artist, a super star singer, it's essential to put fashion in the equation. There are some known names in the spotlights as Madonna and of course Lady Gaga but let me introduce you a new rising star called Oh Land.

Photo Thomas-a  Picture art Tomace    OH LAND

Her real name is Nanna Oland Fabricius and she is a Danish artist that starts her work in 2008 with a firts album named 'Fauna' and since then she is conquering her spot in the world of music. Currently she is living in the USA in NY and she is promoting her new album 'Oh Land'.


This unique performer understands very well how important and powerful fashion is as a way to communicate her message and step up her own individuality as an artist.
Check her website and her myspace for more information.
I'm so addict into this album that I just can´t stop listening it and it makes me wanna dance and enjoy the music. Very great work... uau...

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